The Ugly Duckling

Throughout spring term Year One have been reading a variety of traditional tales in English lessons.

This term, our focus is on The Ugly Duckling.  To launch the book, the pupils watched a video of how cygnets grow into graceful swans.  Everyone noticed how their feathers changed from fluffy grey ones when they are babies,  to smooth white feathers as they become adults.  Next, they used observational skills to both colour in pictures of a cygnet and swan and then they chose the correct colour feathers to decorate them.

After reading the start of the book, the children discussed how mean the other baby chicks were to the ugly duckling and how that duckling must have felt.  The children wore character masks to act out both roles.  The dramatisation from the children was brilliant and we definitely have some budding actors and actresses.

Article 29: We all have the right to develop our personalities, talents and abilities.


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