Rights Respect visit Ravensworth

Today, the Rights Respecting Officers visited Ravensworth Terrace to gain ideas about outdoor playtime.

Thirteen of our Rights Respecting Officers had the opportunity to visit Ravensworth Terrace to see how playtimes are ran and the provision there is to access at this time. We thoroughly enjoyed seeing what their school did when outside and we were able to make lots of notes about what we saw. We are looking to develop the provision we have on a lunchtime, and having this play opportunity has allowed us to gain new ideas of what may be possible here at Harlow Green over the coming years.

We particularly enjoyed the slack lines, accessing their forest area, and watching their roller disco in the MUGA. Our Rights Respecting Group will be meeting each week to discuss our findings and beginning to draw together some ideas of what we would like our play to look like here in school, with an aim to implement them.

Article 12:  We all have the right to say what we think.  Adults should listen and take us seriously.

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