Scrumptious Sandwiches

In Design and Technology, Year Two have been learning how to make a healthy sandwich. The children learned about an incredible inventor named Otto Rowedder, who invented the bread slicer. Did you know, he was known as “the father of sliced bread”?

To begin, the children conducted some research into what makes a sandwich healthy. They sorted a range of different sandwiches into those which were healthy and those which were unhealthy. From this, the children identified the ingredients in a chocolate spread sandwich compared to a cheese salad sandwich, before sorting them into the correct food group on the Eatwell plate. Immediately, the children were able to say that the cheese salad sandwich was the healthier choice because the ingredients could be found in several food groups.

Next, the children practised one of the skills needed to prepare the food for their sandwich. They chopped tomatoes, peppers and cucumber into thin slices. The children had to make sure they held the item firmly and chopped from the opposite end. Once they had chopped their fruit and vegetables, the children tasted each ingredient, as well as spinach and lettuce. They decided which they liked the most and explained why.

After that, the children were ready to design their sandwich. They had a choice of three different fillings – ham, chicken and cheese. Using the results of their taste test, they then had to choose two healthy extras to include. Once the children had made their decision, they sorted each ingredient into the relevant food group on the Eatwell plate. This clearly showed that the sandwich they planned to make was healthy and balanced.

Then, it was time to make. As the children had already practised their chopping skills, they were able to slice their chosen ingredients safely and accurately. However, they had a new skill to learn – spreading. Once they had prepared all of their ingredients it was time to assemble their healthy sandwich and, most importantly, eat it!

Finally, the children evaluated their product against the design brief. They had to say whether their sandwich was healthy and whether it was prepared safely and hygienically. Then, the boys and girls explained how and why they ensured each element of the brief had been met.

Article 24: We all have the right to healthy food.


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