Hole in one!

This term in PE, the children have enjoyed two different sports – Boccia and Golf.

Boccia is an inclusive sport that involves children playing a kind of bowls, aiming balls at the jack that is rolled at the start.  It is a sit down sport that ensures children of all abilities can access and enjoy.  We introduce this to children in Year 4 and they always really enjoy it!  They get so competitive, learning a range of tactics including knocking other player’s balls out of the way or hitting their own teams’ balls closer to the jack.

The children also enjoy golf as an alternative sport – learning about the different clubs, how to hit at distance and height and also with accuracy and in close range.  It is always great to play a different range of sports, some that are new to the children and some that other children play out of school and can show off their talents and skills in class and when supporting others.

Article 29: We have the right to develop our talents and abilities.

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