Sensational South America

This week, in Geography, we started our new unit of ‘Human and physical geography within a region of South America and the UK’. The children started the topic by locating South America on a world map. Once we had located South America, we took a closer look at the countries within it, focusing on Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru. We located and labelled them on our maps and then looked and the physical features such as the Amazon River and Rainforest and the Andes Mountains.

On Wednesday, we went into the Computing Suite to research the countries in more detail. We looked and population, size, capital cities, temperatures and landscape. We used this information to make comparisons between them.

We finished the week of by looking at Brazil in more detail, looking at aspects such as tourism and culture.

Next week, we will be looking Rio De Janeiro in more detail and create a travel guide for this. As well as this, we will be making comparisons between Rio De Janeiro and Newcastle.

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