Sweets Galore!

This week Year Two have started their new book in English. They created a gingerbread house and then used this clue to try to work out what their new book might be about.

First, the children painted a paper plate with brown paint. Next, they coloured in a variety of sweets and lollipops using coloured pencils. Once they had finished colouring in, the boys and girls then cut out their shapes. They arranged the sweets on their gingerbread house and when they were happy with their design, they stuck them down.

The children then thought about what their new story could be about. Some children suggested that the story might be about a gingerbread man who lived in a gingerbread house. Others correctly identified that there is a gingerbread house in Hansel and Gretel.

The children were excited to start reading this version which is by Anthony Browne.

Look at their amazing houses below!


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