Fascinating Food Chains

This term, Year Two have been learning all about food chains in Science. The children learned that a food chain shows what eats what in a habitat. Did you know, the arrows used in a food chain show the direction of energy or what is eaten by who?

The boys and girls focused on three different habitats – polar, desert and the rainforest. To begin, they used their previous learning to list animals that lived in each habitat. Then, they matched the animal to an example of something that it eats. Using this, the boys and girls were able to create three different food chains.

The children also learned some new vocabulary to understand the role of each animal within the food chain. They were able to identify the predator and the prey as well as the producer and consumers. The boys and girls quickly realised that the producer, a plant, is at the start of a food chain, because they make their own food. However, predators are at the top of the food chain.

Throughout the term, the children have enjoyed taking on the role of the class lab assistant. Not only have they been a great help during lessons, they have learned about a range of jobs in the world of science, including vets and reptile specialists (herpetologists).

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