Reading Superstars

Reading is one of the key skills that children learn in primary school and at Harlow Green we are committed to giving the children the tools to be able to read fluently and with good comprehension skills. We provide many opportunities daily for children to immerse themselves in books and text – and this year we have started to get children to read their own work out more to show them that they can become an author in their own right.

The children in KS2 continue to use Reading Plus and Accelerated Reader at home and in school. This provides opportunities to increase their reading speed and then to read real-life books that they can enjoy. Over the term, the children work on both programmes to try to keep their comprehension scores high.

Reading Plus: 

Year 6 – 84%

Year 4 – 83%

Year 5 -82%

Accelerated Reader:

Year 3- 76%

Year 4 – 72%

Year 5 -62%

Year 6 – 60%

Well done to Year 6 and Year 3 who top the charts this term. The aim next term is to increase the Accelerated Reader scores to be as high as those from Reading Plus!

Article 28: We all have the right to a good quality education.

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