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As Christmas draws ever closer, the number of children’s books that are available in shops increases. It’s always lovely to hear the children talking about the books that they want for Christmas and we look forward to the children sharing a book after the holidays. On the cold, winter nights, there is nothing better than snuggling up all warm and cosy with a hot chocolate and a good book. There are so many lovely, tradition al Christmas books, but here I have recommended two newly published books.

The Boy Who Brought the Snow (Age 3+): In the heart of a great city lives a little boy without a home. But, when Quinn finds a magical snow globe, everything begins to change . . . For when snow begins to fall, magic and kindness start to find their way out into the world. A lovely wintry tale that has some fantastic illustrations.

The Magic Faraway Tree – A Christmas Adventure (Age 5+): I loved Enid Blyton books as a child and this book uses the traditional setting and characters, but creates its very own Christmas adventure. A book that I am thoroughly looking forward to reading again and again.

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