VEX Robotics club

This half term, a small group of children have been taking part in an afterschool club where they will build, programme and drive a robot. The Reece Foundation have provided our school with a free competition kit with the prerequisite to take part in a regional competition hosted by Nissan. With the kit provided, and the amazing skills of the children taking part, they will build a Clawbot capable of carrying out programmed tasks. During the first three sessions, the children have worked in teams to build and assemble the parts of the Clawbot which is now almost complete. During December, they will practice programming and driving the robot to complete the tasks expected at the competition in January. The team of children have already shown great cooperation, perseverance and problem solving skills, as well as enthusiasm for developing their understanding of the opportunities within the world of science and technology. Once the team are competition ready, they will give a demonstration to the rest of the school to show off their skills, and inspire more children to be come involved in the world of engineering and robotics.

Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our personalities, talents and abilities.

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