Visit to Jarrow Hall!

To start off our History topic on the Anglo-Saxons, Year 5 took a visit to Jarrow Hall.

After arriving, Year 5 were split into two groups. The first group was taken around the functioning farm at Jarrow Hall and looked at animals that would have been used on an Anglo-Saxon farm. The children enjoyed looking at a range of animals from pigs, bulls, geese, sheep, goats and ponies. The children spoke with our visit leaders and discussed what the animals would have been used for during Anglo-Saxon times. Then, the children were taken to a reconstruction of Anglo-Saxon buildings, where they had a chance to explore what these houses would have looked like. This included a monk’s dormitory and a more regal building, which would have been used for banquets and story telling. It was in this building where the children were treated to a telling of the story of Beowulf by a lit fire.

The second group enjoyed staying indoors listening to what would have happened if you were convicted of a crime in Anglo-Saxon times and recreated a village moot. The children learnt about punishments in Anglo-Saxon times, which included selling body parts for money to cover your crime! To finish off the session, the children were shown weaponry which would have been used by Anglo-Saxons, including spears, shields, swords and armor. After having a hold of these pieces of equipment, the children recreated a battle using pillow swords and shields. This was a lot of fun!

After lunch, the groups swapped over and both groups thoroughly enjoyed their visit. We can’t wait to see the children apply what they have learnt during their visit in the upcoming lessons.

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