Poetry Week

This week, the whole school has had a change from their normal English lessons and there has been a focus on writing and performing poetry. This is an important element in the National Curriculum and one that enables children to develop their creativity and confidence performing in front of others.

Each year group, has had a different focus poet and a different style of poem to write. This has allowed children to study poets from different cultures and different poetic techniques including rhyme, the use of figurative language and sticking to a rhythm by counting syllables.

Year 1 were given the opportunity to perform poems in a recital for parents, grandparents and friends which they thoroughly enjoyed.

Below is a snippet of the work that was done during the week.

Article 31: We all have the right to take part in cultural and creative activities.

Year 1 A – Going on a Dinosaur Hunt

Year 1B – Dinosaur, Dinosaur Turn Around

Year 2 – Jumbies



Year 2B

Year 4 Kenning 1

Year 4 Kenning 3

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