Creative writing

During their final week in English, year 4 have had the opportunity to experience writing in different ways. The week began with an introduction to Kenning Poetry, which links to our Viking History topic. Kenning is an old ‘Norse’ word meaning to ‘express a thing in terms of another’. For example, a Viking might refer to a weapon as a ‘skull-splitter’ or ‘blood-taker’. The children used similar two word phrases to describe Vikings and aspects of their lives, then put them together to create a poem. The week then ended with the much anticipated story writing sessions. After an assembly with Mr Malik, who explained about how the children would get the chance to write a short story completely independently, year 4 were excited to express their own ideas and show their creativity. Every child showed great enthusiasm and focus, and were extremely proud of their work.

Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our personalities, talents and abilities.


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