Wonderful Weddings

This term, Year Two have been learning about Christian weddings in their Religious Education lessons.


First, the children found out who was involved in a Christian wedding and where it takes place. The boys and girls found out that Christians get married in the Christian holy building, called a church.  They also learned that in a Christian wedding the priest conducts the service. Next, the children learned all about what happens during a wedding. They discovered that during the wedding, the bride and groom make special promises called vows and exchange rings which are worn as a sign of their love and to show that they are married. They then sequenced the key events of a Christian wedding in their books. The children also created spider diagrams to show all the features of a Christian wedding. They then discussed which features they thought were the most important and the least important, thinking carefully about the reasons for their answers.


Article 14: We all have the right to follow our own religion.

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