Ancient Egyptian Artwork

Over the past two weeks in Art, the children have been exploring different methods of printing. We have focussed on monoprinting and stamp block printing. 

First, we explored creating textures with the ink using materials such as bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard and felt. The children then used the ink and rollers to create a monoprint from their sketches of Ancient Egyptian artefacts.

In the second week, we designed a stamp block of an Ancient Egypt hieroglyph. The children sketched four hieroglyphs that had a meaning behind them, for example the initial of their name or the initial of a friend or family member. They then selected their favourite design to be used for their stamp block. The challenge for the children was ensuring their design was reversed, so that it would be transferred the correct way around during the stamping process.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed creating their prints and using a new medium in art this week!

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