Interesting Information Technology

This half term, Year Two have been learning about information technology (IT) in computing. They found out that IT is a computer or something that works with a computer.

First, the children found out about different types of IT that we use in school. They looked around the classroom and thought about different types of IT in other areas of the school such as the projector in the hall. Once they had identified some different examples of IT they started to think about what we use IT for. The boys and girls worked in small groups to sort the examples of IT in the classroom according to its use.

Next, Year Two thought about IT in the wider world. The boys and girls were amazed at how many things we use in our day to day lives involve IT and some of the children were surprised to find out that even traffic lights use a computer to work properly. They then sorted some different types of IT according to whether we would usually find them inside or outside, although the children noticed that some devices can be used both inside and outside such as CCTV cameras and even card readers.

This week, the children explored how IT can be helpful to get some jobs done quickly and accurately. The boys and girls worked in small groups to role play as a till. They practised using barcodes to identify an item and its price, before adding up the total cost of a small basket of items. The children worked well in their teams to communicate the relevant information to each other and help each other to add up the totals. Despite their excellent teamwork, the children found that they could not look up the information and total the amounts as quickly as a till in a supermarket. They all agreed that IT makes this task much easier!

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