Computer Modelling

Many years ago, computing in schools was about teaching children how to type and to use PowerPoint, Whilst these are still important skills, there is so much more on offer with the current curriculum at Harlow Green. One of the school’s curriculum drivers is ‘Possibilities’ and in computing the children are introduced to many elements that give them future job prospects.

In Year 6, the children have been looking at 3D modelling. They use graphic design skills for a range of tasks and are taught how to manipulate different shapes within a design page. Here, the children are designing houses and then name plaques for their bedroom. With a 3D printer, these things could then become actual models. it has been really pleasing to see children wanting to use this package at home to do their own design and them sharing them at school.

Article 28: We all have the right to a good quality of education.

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