Digital Devices

Over the past couple of weeks, the children in Year 3 have learnt about digital devices and how they need an input, a process, and an output.

This week, the children have been learning about the advantages and disadvantages of digital devices. We explored the idea of drawing on paper and drawing on an iPad to discover the uses of both. First the children were given 10 minutes to draw a picture on a piece of paper using coloured pencils. They were then given another 10 minutes to draw the same picture on the iPad using the program Tux Paint.

Once their task was complete, the children concluded that both pencils and paper and iPads have both their advantages and disadvantages. We realised that when drawing on an iPad we can make multiple copies, but we cannot with pencils and paper. We also noticed any mistakes which were made on an iPad were easily erased by using the tool eraser or clicking on the undo button.

Although the iPad had its advantages, it also had its disadvantages. It was very easy to make a mistake as the children all agreed, they didn’t have much control compared to the pencil and paper. They also agreed that they have much more choice with colours when using pencil and paper.

Check out our amazing pictures we have created…
Which would you prefer? Pencil and paper or a digital device?

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