Reading Stars

The new year has seen children taking initial assessments in Accelerated Reader and Reading Plus. This provides them with a level to begin their reading journey from for this academic year. The children are then able to access these programmes in school, but, perhaps more importantly, with your support at home.

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In Reading Plus, the children accumulate words as they achieve comprehension scores over 85% on the programme. The leaders for each year group are below.

Year 4: Ava Sweeney 15, 509 words.

Year 5: Yusuf Danish with 31, 867 words.

Year 6: Nathan Hunt with 39, 195 words

On Accelerated Reader, children quiz on the books they read. This gives them access to ‘real’ books rather than scheme books that they can read for pleasure.

The current ‘Comprehension Champs’ are Year 3 with an average score of 82%.

We appreciate the support that parents provide with reading as, it really is a partnership, to help each child become fluent, able to comprehend and, above all else, to develop a love of reading.

Article 28: We all have the right to a good quality education.

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