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The children have been back at school for a few weeks now and are all taking books home from Accelerated Reader, Read Write Inc, Class Treasure Chests or Reading Schemes. The outdoor library has re-opened and children are accessing this at breaks and dinnertimes. As the nights draw in, it is the perfect time to be reading all snuggled up and warm.

New books are always being published and, as English Lead, but also as an avid reader, I love seeing what’s new and appreciating the range of books that are available.

This week’s book recommendations are below.

Gigantic (Age 4+)

Meet Gigantic, the smallest blue whale in the Atlantic. Dwarfed by the other whales, Gigantic keeps to himself, making new friends and perfecting his somersaults and flips in the bay. But one day when Gigantic’s brother, Titan, gets stuck on the sand, it’s down to Gigantic and his smallest sea creature friends to save the day. Can they show it’s possible to be tiny and tough?

The Final Year (Age 9+): A great book for Year 6 in particular.

Life can be tough in your last year of primary school. Tests to take, preparing for the change to high school. Nate is ready for it all, knowing his best friend PS is at his side – they’ve been inseparable since Nursery. But when they are put in two different classes and PS finds a new friend in Turner, the school bully, Nate’s world turns upside-down.

As he struggles to make sense of this and forge new friendships, he’s dealt another blow when his youngest brother, Dylan is rushed into hospital. His new teacher, Mr Joshua, sees a spark inside of Nate that’s lit by his love of reading and writing and shows him how to use this to process what’s going on. But with so much working against him, and anger rising inside him, will this be enough?

Article 31: We all have the right to rest, relax and play.

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