Habitat Hotels

In Science, Year Two have been learning all about animals and their habitats. They learned that a habitat is where an animal or a plant lives. To begin, the children worked in groups to sort different animals into the correct habitat before completing a similar activity in their books.

Next, the boys and girls found out how certain animals have adapted to live in their habitat. Year Two looked closely at the physical features of a polar bear and learned that its wide paws, excellent sense of smell and strong jaw all contribute to its survival.

This week, the children have been learning about microhabitats – a very small part of a habitat. Did you know, microhabitats can include rotten logs, grass and even fallen leaves? When learning about what animals need to survive, the children discovered that an animal can lose its shelter for a number of reasons. Year Two created bug hotels to provide a shelter for minibeasts whose habitat may have been destroyed or lost. The children began by making lots of paper tubes which they then tightly packed into a cup. Finally, they added natural materials to ensure a comfortable stay for any visiting guests.

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