Marvellous Maths

In Maths, Year Six have completed a unit of work on place value and are now working on calculations.

During the Place Value unit of work, the children have developed a clear understanding of what each digit in a number represents within ones, tens hundreds, thousands up to ten million. They are also able to read and write numbers up to ten million.  Following work on reading and writing numbers, the children have consolidated the skills of rounding to different numbers, which they did very impressively.  As well as positive numbers, the children worked with negative numbers, placing these on number lines and finding the differences between positive and negative numbers.

This week, the children have moved on to a unit of work on calculations; the previous place value unit of work prepared the children well for this. To begin with, the children had to decide whether addition and subtraction calculations should be carried out mentally or using a written method. The children were able to use mental and written addition and subtraction methods accurately which is a great start.

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