Fabulous Phonics!

Last week we completed our first full week of phonic group work.

Everyone has been busy remembering all of their new routines.  We all have a perfect partner who helps each other to read the book.  There are also lots of different activities to remember!

Firstly every day we learn a new sound and the accompanying rhyme.  We read words containing this new sound and also revise words with sounds in that we already know.  Luckily, Fred Frog helps us to read the words speedily.  We practise pinching the sounds in words on our fingers and this helps everyone to remember the sounds when we write them down.

The children also have lots of reading practise.  We read our book every day in our groups and learn the meaning of unfamiliar words contained in the story.  We try to become more fluent as the week progresses and we even add expression by the end of the week.

Every week each phonic group teacher chooses a star of the week from their group.  This may be someone who listens carefully to instructions, joins in lessons enthusiastically, tries hard or has been practising their reading at home.  Have a look at our Phonics stars from last week.


Article 28:  We all have the right to a good quality education.

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