Beautiful Bunting

In DT, Year Two have been making bunting. To begin the children learned that bunting is a decoration made up of rows of small, colourful flags. They found out that bunting has been used to celebrate lots of significant events, past and present, including VE Day and Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee. They also identified when we have used bunting in school to celebrate national and local events, including King Charles III’s Coronation and, most recently, our Summer Fayre.

Once they had completed their research, it was time for the children to design their bunting. They had to choose three things that represented themselves. Some of the children chose their favourite food, hobbies or football team.

To join the material of their bunting together, the children used a running stitch – a line of straight stitches of equal length and equally spaced apart. Before using a needle and thread, the boys and girls were given the opportunity to practise the technique by threading a shoelace in and out of larger holes. After they had practised, the children used a needle and thread to join the material of their bunting together, using a running stitch. Next, it was time to add their design. The children combined their ideas to create their final design and, using fabric pens, decorated their bunting.

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