Learning About Castles

In History this term, the children have been learning about castles. They have identified the features of a castle and identified how castles have changed over time. They have also used the map skills they developed in our geography lessons, to locate castles around the UK.

As part of our learning, the boys and girls enjoyed a trip to Alnwick Castle. They enjoyed finding the features of a castle that they had learnt about in class, excitedly spotting arrow slits everywhere we walked.

The children were lucky enough to participate in two workshops – Storming the Barbican and Castle Life during our visit.

During Storming the Barbican, the children learned all about castle defences and then split into two teams, the English army and the Scottish army. They re-enacted a battle with the Scottish army trying to conquer the castle and the English army defending it.  In the Castle Life workshop, the boys and girls learned about the many jobs people would have had. After learning about these, they then became artisans themselves and made their own clay tile.

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