Rail Project Victory

This week, a group of children from Year 5 represented our school, at the rail project. This was part of the Design and Technology unit, from the Autumn Term.

We competed against a number of other schools from the north east, three different round.

First the children were interviewed by engineers about the research they had undertaken and their construction of the train.

The children then had to show the judges how their electric train worked and make their train move forward and backward in a straight line using the switches they had designed.

Finally the children’s train was put to the test, to see if it could carry a load. The judge was very impressed by the groups performance.

After a long morning of competing, the results were in. The Harlow Warriors came runner up out of the whole KS2 competition and were crowned the winners of the interview stage.

Well Done to our Harlow Warriors!

Article 31 – We all have the right to take part in cultural and creative activities.

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