Marvellous Mountain Ranges

In Year 4 this term, we have been learning all about mountain ranges. The children have used Google Earth to locate them in the world, as well as using street view to take a walk around the mountains (which they thoroughly enjoyed!). While exploring Google Earth, the children learnt facts about the mountain ranges, such as which continent they’re located in and what the tallest mountain in that mountain range was called. Using this knowledge, the children identified each of the mountain ranges on a map of the world. Next, the children labelled the different features of a mountain range using technical vocabulary, such as the summit, foot and whether there was a plateau. Finally, the children learnt about how humans use mountains. From extreme sports (like skiing and climbing) to farming and logging, the children identified the positive and negative impacts humans can have on the environment, people and animals living there.

Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.

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