Boccia and Golf

One of our PE sessions every week starts with skipping.  This is great for cardio exercise and for coordination.  The children have made great progress this term.

Along with Cricket, we also have enjoyed Boccia and Golf in PE.  Boccia is an inclusive sport, similar to bowls, where the children have a target ball and play sitting down to try and bowl their ball the closest for their team.  It gets incredibly competitive!  One person from each group takes turns to be referee to watch for fair play and then decide on the winning bowl.  We also started looking at techniques such as knocking the opposition ball out the way or actually working together to move the jack to a better position.

We also enjoyed a few weeks of golf.  We practised with different clubs, working on our swing technique, learning how to control the ball with our hits and then play various competitive games to see how we could score points by hitting the ball accurately.  In pairs, we also had to ensure health and safety was followed, swapping over after each go, staying behind the line and not running around with the clubs.

Article 31 – We have the right to rest, relax and play.

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