Wonderful Weighing

Year Two have been learning about measuring mass in Maths. First, the children learnt that we measure mass in grams and kilograms. Then, they started looking at scales that went up in divisions of 1, 2, 5 and 10 and reading off the mass in grams and in kilograms. They also learnt how to identify masses that fell between the marked points on a scale.

After that, the children used weights to explore the difference between a gram and a kilogram. They held the weights in their hands to help them to understand how much heavier a kilogram is than gram. Next, the children used a pan balance to weigh different objects in the classroom. They worked in small groups, gradually adding weights to the pan balance until both sides of the balance weighed the same. Then they added up the total of the weights to work out how much each object weighed. The boys and girls cooperated with the other members of their group to help make sure that their measurements were accurate. Finally, the children answered questions about the masses of the different objects that they had weighed, identifying the heaviest and lightest objects, as well as finding the difference between the masses of different objects.


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