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As we head into Spring (although you might not know it by the weather) there are a lot of new release children’s books hitting the shops. Even as an adult, I love the chance to look at the latest authors and book titles and can often find myself buying “children’s” books for me to read. I am a huge advocate of picture books for all ages and feel this is often something that older children still benefit greatly from.

For anyone that has never bee, Seven Stories in Ouesburn is a fantastic place to visit. It is now free to enter and is full of wonderful books and interactive displays. It is well worth a visit.

This week’s recommendations are:

Age 4+ : The Worry Jar: Frida is a bit of a worrier. She worries what clothes to wear to go out, whose table to sit at at school, the peas on her plate and she definitely worries about swimming. What if there’s a shark in the pool? This sweet and sensitive story, exploring the worries that little ones can have, is a sympathetic exploration of feelings. It also acts as a reminder that everyone, no matter how big or small, can have worries about something.


Age 6+: Can You Get Rainbows in Space? Irresistibly brightly coloured and packed with fascinating facts, this book is a treasure trove of information. Divided into the colours of the rainbow, each section explains how we see that particular colour, and explores nature linked to it. There is so much to discover. For instance, hippos have red sweat, blue eyes are actually clear with no pigment at all, and overripe bananas glow indigo under ultraviolet light. A great fact book that will keep all ages interested.

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