Healthy Packed Lunches

In DT, Year Two have designed and made a healthy packed lunch.

As part of their research, the children looked at the school packed lunch policy to get a better understanding of what a healthy packed lunch should include. Using the policy, the children looked at several different packed lunches and decided whether they were healthy or unhealthy. Then, looking at a healthy packed lunch in more detail, the children sorted each component into the food groups of the Eatwell Plate.

Next, it was time to design their healthy packed lunch. Again, the children used the school packed lunch policy as a checklist for what they needed to include. They could choose either a ham or cheese sandwich, water or milk, an apple or an orange and, for their treat, a packet of crisps or a KitKat. The children also included some carrot slices and a fruit yogurt in their design.

Once their design was complete, it was time to make their packed lunch. Before preparing their food, the children had to wash their hands to prevent any germs from spreading. To prepare their carrots, the children used a peeler to remove the skin and then chopped the carrots into slices using a knife. To make sure they were using the equipment safely, the children held the carrot at the end and peeled / chopped away from their hand. To prepare their sandwich, the children used the side of a knife to spread a thin layer of butter onto two slices of bread. Then, they added cheese or ham depending on what they had chosen for their design. When the children had finishing preparing their healthy packed lunch, it was time to eat.

Finally, the children evaluated their product. Year Two’s task was to prepare a healthy packed lunch safely and hygienically. The children recognised that their packed lunch was healthy because it followed school policy and it contained only one treat. The children could also explain that they had achieved their task because they washed their hands before preparing their food and used the equipment in a safe way.

Article 24 – We all have the right to healthy food.

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