Amazing Artists

In Art this term, the children in Year 3 initially investigated how art can be used as a form of communication. The children learned about the importance of cave paintings to historians as a way of learning about life in the Stone Age and they explored the materials and tools Stone Age people would have used to create these pieces of art. The children then imagined they were in the Stone Age and had a go at decorating their ‘cave wall’.

Then, the children thought about how this differs to the paints, materials and tools we have available to use today. They explored the vast array of colours they are able to make from the 3 primary colours and learned about secondary and tertiary colours in order to create their own colour wheels. The boys are girls also identified how adding white and black can change the tint of a colour.

After developing these skills, the children learned about the artist Cheng-Khee Chee and his use of watercolours to create amazing paintings of landscapes and animals. They then applied their knowledge of colour mixing to create their own watercolour painting of a sunset in the style of Cheng-Khee Chee.

Article 31: We all have the right to take part in cultural and creative activities.

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