Glorious Gymnastics

This half term in PE, Year Two have been learning gymnastics. They started by exploring different shapes they could make with their bodies, making sure they were stable and balanced. Then they started to work in pairs to match each other. Once they had identified some different body positions they worked in small groups to make a simple routine to link the different positions together. They worked as a team to identify the best way to link their shapes and they thought about how to arrange their groups to make their routine as interesting as possible.

After that the children started to learn the basic gymnastic shapes including straight, tuck, arch, bowl and star shape. They practised making the different shapes with their bodies, making sure they were pointing their toes. The boys and girls discovered that some of the shapes can be made while upright or lying down, whereas others cannot. Some of the shapes were quite tricky to make but the children worked hard and helped each other to improve. Well done Year Two!


Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our personalities, talents and abilities

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