Year Two Walk Into the Forest

In English, Year Two have started reading their new book – Into the Forest, by Anthony Browne. First, the children looked at the front cover of the book in more detail. They noticed small pictures among the leaves and trees, including a frog, an apple and a tall tower. Once they had identified each picture, the boys and girls thought about other stories which include these objects. They thought the apple could be from The Very Hungry Caterpillar or Snow White. When the children were asked to think about fairy tales, in particular, they soon made links to The Frog Prince and Rapunzel also.

As most of the front cover is black and white, the children used chalk and black paper to recreate the illustration. They began by drawing the outline of the path and trees and, then, used the side of their chalk to add shading. Once they had created their forest scene, they attached a photo of themselves, like the boy in the story, and a sign reading “Into the Forest”. Year Two thoroughly enjoyed creating their artwork and, quite literally, putting themselves in the character’s shoes.

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