The Bauble Project 2022

We started this project in 2021 as a legacy collectable for children who move through our school.  This year we introduced a new set of baubles for each year group so that the children can collect one each year as they get older, and hopefully keep them way into the future.  Reception / Nursery and Year 6 do the round bauble as a start and end to the school, and then Year 1 have a bell, 2 a stocking, 3 a star, 4 a snowman and 5 a parcel.

Each one is individually handmade and then engraved with our logo by the volunteers at the fantastic Cutting Edge which is part of St Margaret’s Centre in Durham City – an amazing charity that supports adults with a variety of mental health services – helping them learn new skills and provide access to counselling support.  Each year they produce nearly 450 baubles for us.

Find out more about them here. You may also wish to follow them on Facebook and commission some work from them yourself!

Each bauble is decorated with a link to the Art curriculum such as painting with straight lines, tints and tones, sketching detail, colour washing and blending.  We hope that each year you can find space on your trees at home to add the decorations that the children have spent so much time and care over creating and painting.

Article 29 – We have the right to develop our personalities, talents and abilities.


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