Christmas in Year 4

This week, the children have taken part in lot of different Christmas activities.

Firstly, they have created a winter scene on the back of their snowmen decorations. To do this, the children used blue and white paint to make a wash for the background that faded from dark blue to light blue and then to white. When this had dried, the children then added stars and the moon using white paint and a green tree. Then, the children used their previously learnt sketching skills to create a Christmas card with 5 baubles on. Next, the children used their fingers to create the 4 seasons for their calendars.

On Wednesday, the children came to school dressed in their festive/party clothes. In the morning, they watched a pantomime of either Jack and the Beanstalk or Cinderella. In the afternoon, the children partied away, playing lots of games (including musical statues and pass the parcel) and won lots of prizes. They also enjoyed some party snacks after all their dancing.

Finally, the children made themselves into snowmen, with dangly arms and legs. They had lots of fun finding all the different positions and poses their snowmen could make.

We hope every has a lovely two week break and we’re already looking forward to seeing everyone back in January.

Article 24 – We all have the right to be happy and healthy.

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