Reading Corner

As Christmas seems to be getting ever nearer (and I’ve been told I’m the Grinch as I don’t have my Christmas tree up yet), this week’s Reading Corner looks at a couple of new Christmas books available this year. In the ever-increasing technological world that we live in, it is lovely to hear some of the children talking about the books that they are hoping Santa brings. The dark nights and wet weekends are a perfect time to cosy up and enjoy a good book – and  if t helps get in the Christmas spirit all the better!

Little Elf’s Christmas Surprise (Age 4+): A festive picture book complete with calamity, chaos and one very loveable little elf! I’m sure that for lots of people, a certain elf will be making an appearance this Christmas. this book might be perfect for having some Elf fun.

The Christmasasaurus and the Naughty List: I love these Tom Fletcher books and have already started reading the latest one in the series. Former saviour of Christmas, William Trundle, is now on the naughty list and it’s up to the Christmasasaurus to try to save him – and Christmas itself!


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