Brilliant Ball Skills

In PE, Year Two have been practising their ball skills. To begin, they had to let the ball bounce once and then hit it upwards. This was quite tricky as the children had to make sure their racket was flat and facing the ceiling. They learned that if it wasn’t, they would hit the ball in a different direction. Once they had mastered this, they had a go at hitting the ball continuously. Some of the children set themselves a challenge to see how many times they could hit the ball without dropping it. After that, they had to use their racket to hit the ball downwards. Again, they had to ensure their racket was flat and facing the floor.

To keep control of the ball, the children worked hard to keep their eyes on the ball and move their body in the right direction. This was tricky at first, but the children persevered. Wimbledon, here we come!

Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our personalities, talents and abilities.

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