Reading Stars

Welcome back to Reading Stars – ready for 2022-2023. The children have been back three weeks now and have all completed initial assessments on Reading Plus and Accelerated Reader. This gives them a starting level to read from. They have then started to access the programmes by reading different short texts and books. It has been really pleasing to see the enthusiasm with which Year 3 have started to use Accelerated Reader and the determination of other children to get back to the level they were on before the holidays. Please ensure that your children are reading their home reader regularly and logging on to Reading Plus at least twice a week. The more the children read, the more fluent they will get, the better their comprehension will be and the more they will enjoy reading.

This week’s reading stars:

Accelerated Reader – Class 3B with a reading comprehension score of 82.8%.

Reading Plus – Class ^A with a reading comprehension score of 85.9%.


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