Mary Anning

Everyone in Year One enjoyed our history lessons this week. The children are learning about Mary Anning, the first person in England to excavate dinosaur fossils. They firstly listened to the story ‘Dinosaur Lady’. Then they had a go at being a palaeontologist just like Mary Anning. Carefully, they tried to remove chocolate chips from a cookie. We all pretended the chocolate chips were fossils and we had to gently scrape around the biscuit to try and remove them in one piece. It was a very difficult job and the children realised that Mary Anning had such resilience and perseverance to excavate a whole Ichthyosaurus.  Later in the week, the pupils became artists and drew a detailed portrait of Mary Anning. Some even included her tools such as a chisel and hammer whilst others also drew ammonites.

Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.

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