Fantastic Forces!

Over the last two weeks, we have been learning about forces in Science. We identified key forces that we encounter during our every day life, such as: friction, air resistance, water resistance, applied force and gravity. After looking at examples of each force, this week we completed an investigation looking at how surfaces can affect the amount of friction on an object, in this case, a school shoe. Whilst planning our investigation, we picked out independent variables (what things we will change), dependent variables (what we will measure) and controlled variables (what we will keep the same).

During our investigation, we pulled the same shoe along different surfaces and measured the force required to move the shoe using a Newton meter. The less force needed to move the shoe meant the less friction between the surface and the shoe. The children then recorded their results and wrote a scientific conclusion to summarise their findings. We are all looking forward to learning about forces again a little bit later in the term.

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