What could it be?

This week in Year 4, the children were given clues to try and decipher what their new reading book in English would be.

The first clue was a metallic egg. There were many different predictions as to what this could be. Some children thought it might be a chocolate egg, whereas others thought it might be a mermaid’s egg or a dragon’s egg. The next clue the children were given was a sound. Many of the children thought this sounded like hiccupping or coughing but then struggled to link the noise to the first clue. The final clue was a jigsaw puzzle, which turned out to be extremely tricky to put together!  Eventually, the children managed to rotate the pieces until they fit together and created a picture. The picture was from the front cover of our new reading book and showed a boy riding a dragon. After this clue, many of the children realised what the book was going to be!

Finally, the new book was revealed to be How to Train Your Dragon! As the children read the first chapter together, they realised that the main character was called Hiccup and he was going to find his very own dragon egg. The children are now looking forward to reading about Hiccup riding on a dragon!

Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.


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