Beowulf Book Launch!

This week in Year 5, the children were given a variety of different picture clues to try and decipher what our new reading book in English would be for this term,

The first clue was a picture of the poem of Beowulf written in Old English. Some of the children thought the poem was a treasure map that might be written in secret code, whilst others believed it might have been a letter from Ancient times. The next clue was a picture of the fierce monster Grendel. The final clue was a picture of Hrothgar, the benevolent Danish king. The children enjoyed making links between this clue and the picture of Grendel, suggesting that the king might want to defend his people from the ferocious beast.

Today, we read some of Beowulf and the children are already enjoying the gruesome tale. We are all looking forward to finding out what happens next.

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