Meerkat Mail

Year One were so excited to be introduced to their new text in English.  As it is set in Africa, firstly everyone went on a jungle safari.  The children made safari name badges and then we all took our pretend binoculars and clipboard outside to see which animals we could spot.  Hidden amongst the wilds of Harlow Green we found a tiger, a lion, a camel and eventually Sunny the  meerkat, the main character of our story. The children enjoyed listening to the story of Meerkat Mail.  In part of the story, Sunny decides to leave his home in the Kalahari Desert.  All of the pupils agreed that it would be a fabulous idea for him to come and visit our school.  Sunny even had a tour of the school and he especially liked the scrumptious school dinners and digging burrows in the wooded area.  Back in the classroom, everyone in Year One wrote a postcard, pretending to be Sunny,  back to his family.  We are so proud with how far they have come with their writing.  Well done everyone!

Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.


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