Pizza Express time!

We had a great trip to Pizza Express this morning, not just the excitement of the bus, and the shops in the Metro Centre, but also the chance to learn about pizza making, kneading the dough, adding the toppings and trying other toppings like olives, chilli and sun dried tomato…and the fact we got to eat our pizzas for lunch!

The children were superb, with lots of interesting questions for Chef Patrick and Neil at the restaurant, but also some amazing pizza making skills!  We talked about jobs and skills in the food and hospitality industry and this linked to our topics on PSHE about careers and roles in the future.

This links nicely with our DT topic about food preparation and safety – washing hands, wearing hats, aprons and the fact the chefs have to change at work into clean, fresh clothes ready to cook.  We also looked at chopping dicing, slicing, cubing and then of course the cooking – in a very, very hot oven!

Thanks to Pizza Express MetroCentre for hosting us today!

Article 24 – We have the right to information to keep us safe and healthy.


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