Tick Tock Goes the Clock!

In Maths, Year Two have been learning how to tell the time. First, they learned about o’clock and half past. They were able to explain that when the minute hand points to twelve, it is o’clock, and when it points to six, it is half past, because it has moved half way around the clock.

Next, it was time to move onto quarter past and quarter to. Again, the children used their knowledge to fractions to work out whether the minute hand was at quarter past the hour or a quarter to the hour.

Then, their learning became very tricky. The boys and girls learned how to tell the time in five-minute intervals, past and to the hour. They began counting in fives, as they soon worked out how this could help them to tell the time. After learning how to tell the time past the hour, it was quite tricky to forget about past and focus on to. We even put past in our word jail so the children wouldn’t get confused between the two.

All week, the children have been reading the time on a clock, making the time on their own small clock and drawing hands to show the time.

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