Perfect Pizzas!

On Tuesday, Class 4B travelled to the Metrocentre to take part in a school visit to Pizza Express. When we arrived, we met the head chef and we learnt why some chefs wear white hats or black hats. Then, the fun began! After washing our hands and pulling up our sleeves, the pizza making commenced! The children were brilliant at kneading their dough and were experts in layering up their pizzas with tomato sauce and cheese. Whilst the pizzas were cooking, we got to try two unusual ingredients: anchovies and fresh chilli (which was hotter than some children were expecting!). After cooling down with some water and having a discussion about our favourite toppings, the pizzas were taken out of the oven and boxed up ready for the children to take back to school.

It was a brilliant experience and it was the perfect introduction to our Design Technology topic all about food preparation and hygiene.

 Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.

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