Hold On To The Light!

This year we saw the return of the Gateshead School’s Dance Festival at The Sage in Gateshead; a showcase event providing the children an amazing opportunity to dance on such a famous stage.

After several weeks of rehearsals, up to 7 times a week and endless support from parents and carers fetching and carrying, we made it on stage and did an amazing job!  The children came off absolutely buzzing and all they wanted was to do it again!

Our performance told the story of how life used to be, followed by a period of separation and isolation as we entered various lockdowns over and 18 month period.  As we came out of that, we joined back with our friends, families and loved ones and celebrated the chance to be together again.

Enjoy the show – well done to all of them for this fantastic performance and thanks to everyone at Gateshead School Sports Partnership who make it all happen.

Article 29 – We have the right to develop our talents personalities and abilities.

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