Mark Making Masterpieces

In Art, Year Two have been learning about mark making. They learned about a famous artist called Vincent van Gogh and looked at one of his most famous paintings – Starry Night. The children recognised that van Gogh used lots of different marks to create this piece of art. They discussed whether they liked it and how it made them feel. Lots of the children said it made them feel sleepy because it is a picture of the night sky.

The children learned about lots of mark making techniques, including hatching, cross hatching, tick hatching and, even scribbling. They used pencil and charcoal to practise each mark. When using the charcoal, they were able to use their fingers to blend the mark they had created. This was a lot of fun, but their hands did get very messy!

For their final piece, the children created a portrait using the different mark making techniques they had practised. They had to think carefully about which technique would suit each part of their face the best, and they did an amazing job. Just take a look at their mark making masterpieces!

Article 29 – We all have the right to develop our personalities, talents and abilities.

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