Groovy Greeks!

Yesterday we had the fantastic outreach team from Durham University in to run our Ancient Greek workshop.  It was great to have visitors back in school!  We had a superb day, starting with understanding the geography and city state structure of Ancient Greece including its reach into and around what is now Europe.  We made some clay votive offerings to the Greek gods and handled original and replica artefacts from Greek culture such as pots, sports equipment used in the Olympics and armour.  We wrote posters in Ancient Greek for our election campaign (since Greece established the concept of democracy) and finished the day with a re-enactment of a Greek tragedy play!
We even learned that the Greek God of healing – Asclepios – is still represented on our ambulances using his symbol of a staff with a snake around it!  Look out for this.

Article 28 – We all have the right to a good quality education.

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